Review: Letter Quest Remastered For The Nintendo Switch

What’s going on everyone.  It’s BigMigz about to drop some serious knowledge on you guys.  Today I’m going tell you guys about a great fun Indie Game for the whole family.  If you guys love words with friends , scrabble or anything that has to do with puzzles with words, this is seriously the game for you.  I’m talking about Letter Quest Remastered by Bacon Bandit Games.

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In a game where words are your weapons.  You play as Grim Reapers, Grimm or Rose, as you battle monsters in each of the 40 levels in the game.  As you progress to more difficult levels, you have to upgrade your character by leveling up their weapons, armor, and even books.  The name of the game is basically you taking 15 random letters and try to spell a variety of words to take down the monsters. The longer the word, the more powerful the attack.  You can even mix different typed of letter tiles to attack the monsters with poison, spike, plagues among others to make your attack even more powerful.  But be careful as the monsters can heal or drop poison tiles that if not used in the amount of turns, you can get poisoned and they will defeat you.


After having this game for almost a week,  I have to say this is a must own for anyone.  Game night with your family or just playing alone, this game is very addicting and really works your brain.  Nothing comes easy in this game which makes every completed level feel satisfying.  The artwork is simply amazing.  The colors pop right out of your screen in beautiful HD.  The soundtrack in the game will get you humming the themes when you are out and about without you even knowing it.  Very catchy tunes.  And if you are ever done with the 40 difficult levels which by the way has 4 difficulty levels of stars, there is an Endless Mode where you battle all the way until you are defeated battling for the Hi-Score on the leaderboards.  You choose your Reaper, music, weapon, background and tiles and have it.   A lot of fun especially with friends and family going at it seeing who knows the most words and especially how to use the specialty tiles to their advantage.


Whether you are playing alone or with friends or family, you will definitely love the game and see how fast the time flies trying to make words even you never knew existed.  A nice little feature I love is how when you complete a word, on the bottom left screen displays the definition of it.  Letter Quest Remastered is a treat that even your kids will love to play and not realize there actually learning at the same time.  Available for the Nintendo Switch on the eShop at $14.99 but if you get it before December 28th, its $10.04 .  This is a must buy for anyones collection.  I give it a 9/10 and the BigMigz Stamp of Approval.  Hope you guys enjoyed this review.  Please leave a comment below and share the article with your friends and love ones.  Take Care.


P.S:  A special shout out to Bacon Bandit Games for sending me a copy of this game to review for all you guys.


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